What if you actually enjoyed going to work? What if you made a difference? Are you ready to live each day doing something you’re passionate about in an industry you were born for?

Tick these boxes with a career in fashion. Here we explore how becoming a fashion stylist is the most rewarding and versatile job in the fashion industry.

Making people feel good

With a career in fashion styling, your ultimate aim is to bring out better versions of your clients. Selecting the right clothing, colour and style can transform a person’s appearance. When people look good, they feel good.  Your job literally translates to making the world a happier place.



No two days are likely to be the same with a career in fashion. As a stylist, you may be required to dress models, hire garments, meet with PR companies and get creative with design solutions – all in one morning.  The fashion industry is forever changing. Trends come and go and it’s your job to ride that wave and stay ahead of the next one.


Surrounded by creativity

The fashion industry is brimming creative people – and you get to work with them.  Networking with others with fashion careers is going to ignite your potential as a stylist.  These creatives, your co-workers, are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ideas, and you can be a part of this exhilarating ride.


The sky’s the limit

Sure, you’ll have to start at entry level with a career in fashion but if you’re that passionate about it, you’d probably work for free! Working your way to the top pays off, with expert stylists earning over $100,000 annually.  Let’s not forget the freebies brands throw at you in order to be remembered, not to mention the perks of travelling.

How to get a career in fashion

The best way to kick-start your career in fashion is to really think about what sort of work you want in fashion and then seek education in that area.  Though the fashion industry is unregulated, this will ensure you have the skills and knowledge to match your natural flair.

A course, like the one offered by the Australian College of Professional Styling, will also give you the opportunity to piece together a portfolio, a vital tool in getting you noticed in the industry and provide you with valuable information to assist with running your small business.

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