A game of skill, rather than a game of chance, 25 Words-or-Less competitions give everyone an opportunity to win.

Given that you now have the opportunity to win a full scholarship for The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course – you might be asking yourself is it really that difficult to write 25 words to win the prize?  Surprisingly, writing an entry with so few words has the potential to stump even the most creative talents. So we’ve given you these foolproof tips to follow.

Answer the question

Study the question and provide the answer.  It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many people overthink it trying to be creative first.  If you’ve dreamt about being a professional stylist since as long as you can remember, get to the heart of it. Our suggestion is to write your answer in simple terms and then get playful with your creative side.


Know the company

It’s really important to do your research and the best place to find info is visiting the website of the company offering the prize.  At the Australian College of Professional Styling website, we list the course structure, testimonials and the experts behind it – just to name a few! Understanding these details will allow you to make a direct reference to the prize that is up on offer, grabbing the judges’ attention.  Make sure you check out the competitions terms and conditions – this will show you will be judged.


Think outside the box

How are you going to make the judges pick your entry over all the others to win this professional styling course? Because you made it stand out.  With the use humour, poetry or rhyme you grabbed the attention of the judges and gave them a chuckle at the same time. If you’ve been styling your siblings since you were three, give them a feel-good snippet. It’s not all about honesty either, feel free to drum up the laughs – humour is often the winning ingredient to these competitions.


Stick to the word limit

It’s that obvious.  When a competition requires your answer in 25 words or less, provide 25 words or less! Don’t get noticed for all the wrong reasons by sending in an essay on why you know you’ll be the next big professional stylist.  Make an impact the right way by being clever and punchy with your words. Always keep in mind that entries noticeably over the word limit won’t get a look in, in fact, the judges probably won’t even look AT them.


Provide legitimate details

With the possibility of second round drawers or even the potential of you being named the winner, it’s really important that you provide the correct contact details.  Often people fall into the trap of thinking they will be spammed if they provide their real email but this will just put them out of the running to win this amazing professional styling course.

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