Want to be a successful fashion designer? Learn how becoming a stylist will help you achieve your dream! Donatella Versace, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren… Do these names roll off your tongue like a mantra to your inner fashion designer? Breaking into the industry can be daunting for a budding fashion designer.

Sure, there are the mundane methods of taking on an internship and working your butt off for the love of it.  But what if there was another way to make your red carpet entry into the industry from the inside while learning invaluable skills and knowledge along the way?  Take a look at how becoming a stylist will help you be a successful fashion designer.

Body Shapes

To be a successful fashion designer, you’re going to need to know your apples and pears!  Stylists understand that all bodies are different, and accentuate individual beauty by applying styling principles and a well thought out wardrobe. How to flatter, disguise or emphasise are just some of the techniques you will master. Knowing these insider tips will ensure the clothes you design as a fashion designer are loved and fit like a glove.


Stylists know that colour is the one of the most fundamental elements of fashion. With the ability to capture attention, evoke emotions and accentuate natural beauty, it’s usually the first thing we notice. A winning colour combination will always leave a lasting memory. There is an art to colour, and truly understanding the fashion industry’s colour concepts will allow you to push the boundaries and stand out as a fashion designer.


Knowing clients inside and out is a must.  Let’s face it, we all want to look good – but really getting a sense of a client’s style (or creating a new one altogether) is where you will find the best stylists at work. It’s these interactions, the ‘oh I love that’ or the ‘no way’ or ‘I’ve never tried that before’ statements, that will form the foundation of your knowledge about what works for people and what doesn’t.


Stylists spend a LOT of time with other industry professionals – photographers, models, editors – you name it.  And while in this industry it is definitely what you know, it’s also very much who you know that will get you places.  Networking with a variety of professionals will not only get your name remembered but give you a foot in the door to future leads.


The biggest responsibility you have as a fashion designer is to stay ahead of trends. Often, trends start forming around two and a half years before the public becomes aware of them. What’s hot and what’s not – and when – is a stylist’s forte. Stylists know where to look, who to watch, what events are shaping the fashion world; these are just some of the ingredients of the winning formula to have your finger on the fashion trend pulse. Being a trendsetter is the quintessence of all successful fashion designers.

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